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gnuplot demo script: textbox.dem

autogenerated by on Tue Jun 6 18:13:27 2017
gnuplot version gnuplot 5.2 patchlevel rc2
set grid
unset xtics 
set xrange [ -0.50 : 12.00 ]
set yrange [ 30.00 : 110.0 ]
unset ylabel
set bmargin  3
unset key

set multiplot layout 1,2

set style textbox opaque border lc "blue"
set title "textboxes with blue border"
plot 'table.dat' using 0:2 title column with lines lw 3,  \
     ''          using 0:2:2 with labels center boxed notitle column

set style textbox opaque margins 6,1.5 fc "grey75" border lc black
set title "larger textboxes with grey fill"

unset multiplot

Click here for minimal script to generate this plot