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gnuplot demo script: boxclusters.dem

autogenerated by on Thu Jan 25 16:36:29 2018
gnuplot version gnuplot 5.3 patchlevel 0
# The "histograms" style automates the construction of barcharts with
# various stacking and clustering options.  But it doesn't offer much
# choice for coloring.
# This demo show using the "with boxes" plot style to generate clustered
# histograms with individual box coloring generated by a user-provided function.
# This could, for example, depend on data from other columns in the input.

set title "Clustered bar graph with individual colors\nspecified via plotstyle 'boxes'"
set title  boxed offset 0,-3 font ",15"
set style fill solid border lt -1
set style textbox opaque noborder
set boxwidth 1.0 abs
ClusterSize = 15
unset key

set yrange [0:7]
set xrange [-2:60]
set border 0
category = "Yan Tan Tethera Methera Pimp"
set xtics scale 0 ()
set ytics scale 0 nomirror
set grid y
set colorb horizontal user origin .05, .05 size .9, .05
set palette cubehelix
set bmargin at screen 0.2
set tmargin at screen 0.9

set for [i=1:4] xtics add (word(category,i) 5+(i-1)*ClusterSize)

xcoord(i) =  i*ClusterSize + column(1)
color(i)  = rand(0)

plot for [i=0:3] 'candlesticks.dat' \
     using (xcoord(i)):(column(i+2)):(color(i)) with boxes lc palette z

Click here for minimal script to generate this plot