Simple script for installing CVS version of gnuplot under OSX.
Contributed by Flavio Pane.
February 2013

#! /bin/sh
echo "The script will produce a binary file that can be placed whenever one wants. Feel free to edit it (ie. add a MAKE INSTALL command)"
echo "Do not launch the script with sudo permissions, they will be asked whenever they are needed"
cd /Users/"$(whoami)"/Desktop/
echo "Gnuplot svn compilation: aquaterm support only. If you want to use x11 just delete -with-x=no option"
echo "You need automake >1.8 (fink helps) and Aquaterm and its framework installed!!"
echo "For GNU readline support, install readline5-shlibs from fink and check if there is the symlink in /usr/lib : libreadline.dylib -> /sw/lib/libreadline.5.0.dylib"
echo "Press ENTER when asked for cvs pwd"
sudo cvs login
sudo cvs -z3 co -P gnuplot
cd gnuplot/
sudo ./prepare
sudo ./configure -with-x=no --without-tutorial --with-aquaterm --with-readline=gnu
sudo make
cp src/gnuplot /Users/"$(whoami)"/Desktop/gnuplot_cvs
sudo make clean
cd /Users/"$(whoami)"/Desktop/
sudo chmod +x gnuplot_cvs
version=`./gnuplot_cvs --version | awk '{print $2}'`
date=`date | awk '{print $3 $2 $4}'`
mv gnuplot_cvs gnuplot-"$version"_cvs"$date"
echo "Now you can delete GNUPLOT folder"