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Windows gnuplot will read some of its options from the [WGNUPLOT] section of WGNUPLOT.INI in the Windows directory. A sample WGNUPLOT.INI file:

     TextOrigin=0 0
     TextSize=640 150
     GraphOrigin=0 150
     GraphSize=640 330
     GraphBackground=255 255 255
     Border=0 0 0 0 0
     Axis=192 192 192 2 2
     Line1=0 0 255 0 0
     Line2=0 255 0 0 1
     Line3=255 0 0 0 2
     Line4=255 0 255 0 3
     Line5=0 0 128 0 4

The GraphFont entry specifies the font name and size in points. The five numbers given in the Border, Axis and Line entries are the Red intensity (0-255), Green intensity, Blue intensity, Color Linestyle and Mono Linestyle. Linestyles are 0=SOLID, 1=DASH, 2=DOT, 3=DASHDOT, 4=DASHDOTDOT. In the sample WGNUPLOT.INI file above, Line 2 is a green solid line in color mode, or a dashed line in monochrome mode. The default line width is 1 pixel. If Linestyle is negative, it specifies the width of a SOLID line in pixels. Line1 and any linestyle used with the points style must be SOLID with unit width.

Ethan Merritt 2007-03-03