Helping you with gnuplot

Firstly, read gnuplot built-in documentation available by the help command, with optional topic like help plot, help datafile, help functions, help palette, help x11, etc. It this does not help your, you can have a look to gnuplot demos in the "demo/" directory. Still cannot figure out your problem? Then check out:

There is also a Support section on gnuplot's sourceforge site, but not as lively answered as by using mailing lists or news.

The developers' mailing is at is suitable for issues related to building and developing gnuplot.


Several books on gnuplot are available.

Tutorials and learning gnuplot

See also the gnuplot tutorial and gnuplot reference card available in its documentation.

Localized learning pages about gnuplot

Gnuplot pages in Chinese: Gnuplot pages in Czech: Gnuplot pages in French: Gnuplot pages in German: Gnuplot pages in Indonesian: Gnuplot pages in Italian: Gnuplot pages in Japanese: Gnuplot pages in Portuguese: Gnuplot pages in Slovak:

Miscellaneous articles on the web

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