gnuplot links

This is a completely unorganised list of gnuplot related web and ftp sites. Please write to gnuplot-beta mailing list if you know any other useful links.

Gnuplot front-ends

no longer available

Programming interfaces

Interfaces to gnuplot for those programmers, who are not satisfied with their own popen() solution.

no longer available

Programming interfaces – bidirectional interaction

Here are demo programs demonstrating how to read and interact with gnuplot's mouse position at a clicked point from various languages (aka bidirectional communication between your program and gnuplot):

Software that uses gnuplot

Among others...:

Web software generating plots by gnuplot

Among others...:

Personal pages about gnuplot

Other miscellaneous links

Inversion of gnuplot: Extract data from bitmap images

When you need to extract coordinates of a curve from plots made by gnuplot or any other plotting program or from scanned images:

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